Our concept

On this website you'll find furniture for sale from many different sellers: most are small local businesses based in the Basel area. Some sell furniture as a full-time job, some as a side-hustle and some as a hobby. Some are craftspeople who design and build furniture, some are collectors who search high and low for special pieces, some are businesses that clear homes or accept donations. What they all have in common is that the furniture is not new: it is either pre-owned (in the case of vintage, antiques and design items) or it is made from left-over and waste materials (for handcrafted and upcycled items).
What started as a hobby of Ken Bourson, developed within a very short time into an owner-operated company. The company is based in Basel and the products are made exclusively by hand from used solid oak barrels. Only used wine barrels of European origin are used. Bouki.ch is an independent design project by Bourson GmbH that integrates the story of recycled material into beautiful and functional accessories. Their products reflect attention to detail and a commitment to ethical, sustainable production.
Design Collector
Vintage design furniture. We'll make your apartment feel like home!  https://www.instagram.com/desi...
ecochair.ch is an association which promotes buying pre-owned, reclaimed and upcycled furniture. In addition to running the Möbel Kollektiv Basel platform, the team also has a small inventory of furniture it sells on the platform. Some of these items have been repaired and updated by the team, who love to use the upholstery stapler. The small team includes women from Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Tahiti, UK and USA. 
Klara Collection
Möbel Kollektiv Basel is pleased to be working in collaboration with the Klara restaurant, café and bar space in Klein Basel, a place that shares our values of community and sustainability. Here you can enjoy the cosy Möbel Kollektiv Basel corner, where we've set up some furniture for you to enjoy. Of course, everything we've set up is also for sale and can be bought online and delivered in a few days.  Monday to Sunday 12.00 – 14.00 Uhr 18.00 – 22.00 Uhr https://klarabasel.ch/
Kyburz Made
Kyburz Made is a design furniture business from Basel. The goal is to produce the highest quality furniture out of reclaimed materials. All items are produced in limited editions within their own workshop. They work with the materials until they are satisfied with the result: Their pieces are located at the intersection of history, beauty and reduction.
Milan's Polster Atelier
These beautiful vintage and antique objects were re-upholstered by a highly-skilled craftsman who lived in Basel, and made upholstery his life's work. They are crafted with high quality material, and attention to detail.  Viewing of sofas takes places in a small showroom in Muttenz, and armchairs and dining chairs can be viewed either their, or at one of the Möbel Kollektiv locations. 
Nordic Old Fashioned
Decorative salvage - that's how Jens describes what he does. He focuses on timeless designs and rethinking the use of items. He has a passion for finding interesting, stylish and even quirky, yet decorative pieces. Simply put, he buys the things he likes. He restores pieces where it is needed but wherever possible, he leaves the piece untouched so that it may tell it’s own story.
The ÖKO-JOB Foundation has been offering employment integration programs for jobseekers in the cantons of Baselland and Graubünden since 1997.Their programs are designed to combine the reintegration of jobseekers in the primary labor market with meaningful practical work. It is grounded in ecological thinking, the respect for the environment and resources - and also the human resources. At their Gelterkinden workshop, they restore vintage garden and patio furniture, and you can buy these at their Café and shop in the Aktienmühle. They can also restore your garden furniture, including - Folding chairs with and without armrests - Tube frame chairs - Benches - Garden tables If you have old, used garden furniture at home that you no longer want to keep, you can donate it to their Foundation and they will gladly pick it up from you. http://www.oeko-job.ch/ Workshop address: Sissacherstrasse 20 4460 Gelterkinden Café and shop address: Gärtnerstrasse 46, 4057 Basel More