A world where sustainable living is everyday living

Our mission is to provide a simple alternative to buying new furniture, by offering upcycled, recycled and vintage goods from local sellers.

We started this project because we saw an opportunity to make it easier to connect people to local furniture sellers. We've built a platform that makes it simple for you to find beautiful objects for your home, and at the same time allows you to easily make sustainable living choices.

You don't have to be a furniture collector or an aficionado to enjoy nice furniture, and so we curate our collection to appeal to a range of buyers. Yes, we often have pieces from well-known designers / manufacturers, but a large portion of what we offer is simply nice furniture, without a (known) label. Our objective is that everyone feels welcome to browse and find something they love. 

We see our role as supporting local businesses, connecting people and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. As a team, it's important for us to do meaningful work, and we're all very motivated by our mission. 

Who we are

The Möbel Kollektiv Basel is run by a small group of volunteers based in the Basel area, which are part of the ecochair.ch association. The furniture you see for sale on the platform comes from a number of different local businesses and sellers: Discover our sellers here.  

Our team: 

Kate - Operations

Krisztina - Sustainable packaging

Fabienne - Digital marketing advisor

Carrie - Writer

Gabriela - UX (user experience), graphic design

Beth - Product design